California fire agency requests $234M from state for firefighting budget

California fire agency requests $234M from state for firefighting budget

California fire agency requests $234M from state for firefighting budget

A fast-moving wildfire has shut down a almost 50-mile stretch of one the busiest freeways in Northern California, after it torched at least two big rigs and forced motorists to flee cars and trucks as the state endures one of its worst fire seasons.

The Delta Fire began on Wednesday afternoon, September 5th in Redding, California near the OR state line.

It was near the site of the Carr Fire, which led to eight deaths and destroyed hundreds of homes in the city of Redding and nearby areas.

The fire ripped onto I-5 Wednesday afternoon, forcing frantic drivers to abandon their vehicles, including several big rigs.

A major West Coast highway remains closed for a third day as a wildfire continues to rage on forest flanking it in Northern California.

Interstate 5 is closed from 10 miles north of Redding at Fawndale Road to 3.6 miles south of Mount Shasta at Mott Road, according to CalTrans. Further north, dozer line along Middle Ridge is serving as a point for additional defensive firing operations in an effort to protect communities along the I-5 corridor, such as Castella and Dunsmuir.

The fire has chewed through 58 square miles (150 square kilometers) of timber since Wednesday.

"They were the largest fires, and as soon as you bought those fires under control, they could re-deploy those firefighters to other areas within the larger area.up to Oregon, Washington and then down to Southern California".

The recommended detour for I-5 motorists, using Highway 299, adds 140 miles of driving.

In 2018 to date, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has fought 4,587 fires blackening 612,710 acres, the agency reported.

The Delta Fire north of Shasta Lake in Shasta County has shut down Interstate 5 and now burned at least 2,000 acres. Vehicles, including numerous trucks, were stalled on the highway on Thursday as flames burned trees and leapt over the road.

'It isn't a lot of people, ' he said.

Hundreds of firefighters responded to the blaze, which officials have reported was human-caused, but details are not yet clear.

Officials said that they will reasses the safety of reopening Interstate 5 on Friday morning. "Whatever occurred here was probably pretty ugly for a while". It was moving rapidly but was still far from any large towns.

Wipari Henwood and his crew were driving through the small Californian town of French Gulch, evacuated in this past month's fires, when a white Ford pick-up truck swerved across in front of them and jammed on the brakes.

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