Best Apple iPhone XS Max deals, price and pre-order info

Best Apple iPhone XS Max deals, price and pre-order info

Best Apple iPhone XS Max deals, price and pre-order info

The customer buying iPhone with AT&T and Verizon carriers will get the second iPhone free of cost.

Samsung's Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ couldn't possibly have been more boring.

The iPhone X, iPhone SE and iPhone 6s are not the only things Apple ditched as a direct effect of its September 12 event. Of course, owning the new, shiny gadget is always fun and exciting, but getting more mileage from your current iOS device means you're saving yourself money and helping the environment. Just like the iPhone X, the XS costs $999, and comes with several high-end specifications and features, including water resistance in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes, a dual-lens rear camera system, Apple's new A12 Bionic chipset, Face ID, and a maximum of 512GB internal storage. Apple has already confirmed that it will start selling the iPhone XR at the end of October, just like it did with the iPhone X past year.

The big change in 2018 is a larger version of the phone with a 6.5-inch OLED screen called the iPhone XS Max. The company said the new iPhones would start at USD 750, USD 1,000 and USD 1,100.

For people who already have an iPhone X, there is pretty much no reason to upgrade to an iPhone XS.

The best iPhone XS Max dealsSearching for other iPhone XS Max deals instead? Full details are available on Apple's support site. Apple sparked a bit of controversy in 2016 when it released its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, both of which arrived to the scene without a 3.5mm audio jack. Even still, you might want to wait before you pull the trigger on a preorder. Why?

However, despite the new phones boasting a range of new features such as new processors for faster performance and an overall improved display for better colour representation, users are being warned on social media that it's only worth ordering news phones after downloading Apple's iOS12 update.

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