Apple's newest iPhone could have big screen, big price

Apple's newest iPhone could have big screen, big price

Apple's newest iPhone could have big screen, big price

Apple is expected to blast further past the $1,000 price barrier when it launches new iPhones on Wednesday, according to Reuters. Other products are going to be a big part of this week's story for Apple.

With the new launches, Apple is hoping to expand its market share in the increasingly competitive smart-phone space. The site managed to take the screenshot of the iPhone Xs pricing which they claim to have taken from Apple's website.

Spigen has also listed the cases for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max ahead of the launch. The photos pointed out that the iPhone Xs Max will come with a similar design to the iPhone Xs but with a bigger screen.

But it is a third expected model with 6.1-inch display, potentially called the iPhone 9, that has intrigued analysts most. These two iPhones will come with OLED screens on edge-to-edge displays like the iPhone X. That isn't stopping some news from appearing, though, and we now have three little tidbits that might be of interest to those who have a keen eye on what Apple's lineup will look like for the next year. The iPhone X comes with 3GB of RAM and up to 256GB of in-built storage. While Xs will be an advanced version of the iPhone X, iPhone XC will be its low-priced version. And some will carry other new features such as two SIMs-microchips that allow smartphone users to connect to a wireless network-making it easier for travelers to use their phones overseas, these people said.

A faster processor, better battery life and faster charging are also expected along with one suggestion that this gadget will be refilled via USB-C and not Apple's standard Lightning cable. The iPhone XS Max may become the talk of the town if one were to go by rumors and speculations.

A double SIM has been available on some Android phones for years but this would be the first time such technology has been released by Apple.

It will retain the core features of iPhone X including Face ID and gesture-based controls. One of them could come with the name of iPhone XC and, like the iPhone 5C before it, launch in a variety of colors.

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