Spurs Ready to "Move On" From Kawhi Leonard

Spurs Ready to

Spurs Ready to "Move On" From Kawhi Leonard

He wants to be traded, but only to the Los Angeles Lakers or Los Angeles Clippers.

Adding that dynamic duo would give the Lakers more leverage in trade talks for Kawhi Leonard, who wants out of San Antonio.

The Lakers have also floated a deal with the Nuggets to be part of a three-way trade that could send Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur or Wilson Chandler - who are all on expiring deals - to the Spurs in exchange for the Lakers taking on bad contracts, according to the report.

"Because as soon as LeBron commits, I believe the Lakers' interest is down and then when the Celtics negotiate, they negotiate from a position of strength because Kawhi won't commit long term". Following all that news early in the day, Ramona Shelburne dropped this late at night.

And according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Leonard wasn't all too pleased when the legitimacy of his injury was questioned. Kawhi's 2019 free agency and his supposed desires of wanting to play for the Lakers has given at least the Celtics concern.

With Leonard a possible flight risk entering the final year of his contract, other teams may not offer as much to the Spurs for Leonard.

There have been reports that James has been calling other free agents trying to form another super team.

Let's talk about what a Lakers trade for Kawhi would look like. James has homes in both cities, and those who know him seem to believe his family will have a large say in this decision. Julius Randle will also be on the way out but maybe to another team.

"If LeBron comes alone, it's the Lakers plus LeBron, plus cap space, plus good young players - someone else is going to come, it's just a matter of time", said Lowe.

The one constant in everything is Brandon Ingram. By giving what the Spurs would like (young stars, draft picks), the C's might be able to make a better run for a championship this season.

At this point, given the likelihood that the San Antonio Spurs move Kawhi Leonard, one would think the relationship between the two sides is beyond fix.

This report basically confirms that if the Lakers don't get Kawhi, they don't get LeBron. But if this is truly what drove him past the point of no return, the Spurs have to be furious. ESPN reported on Thursday that he texted Kevin Durant, but Durant is expected to remain with Golden State.

Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson recently told reporters he would step down if the team couldn't land any star players over the next two summers, and that type of pressure may force the franchise to go all-in on a deal to make it happen.

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